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At the Eta Iota Chapter, we prioritize our members' growth by offering opportunities for professional and technical development, as well as community involvement. See below for the specifics!


Types of Events

General Meetings

These are our weekly Friday meetings at around 5:30 PM. Members get to have an informative presentation from 2 industry companies about company culture, internship/job opportunities, and even meet employees and recruiters!

On-Site Office Visits

Our members can visit firms' offices, gaining first-hand experience of the work environment, and enabling them to make informed decisions about which firm is their best fit.

Recruitment Events

These are the events that are designed to help our members meet recruiters and truly get to esablish connections with the companies they hope to be a part of one day. Our newest event, "A Day with Big 4" has been a highlight for some members!

Community Service

Our chapter LOVES hosting our community services! By prioritizing the interests, needs, and passions of our members and the community at large, we remain a chapter that is deeply committed to making a positive impact on the world around us.


This is where our members learn practical skills necessary in the industry! Workshops about important industry technology, personal branding, and much more prepare our members for a successful future!

Social Events

Social events are what promote connections between members, we are a community after all! It is important to share comradery and celebrate each other. That is what our socials are for, to celebrate successes and to have fun with your fellow members!




Beta Alpha Psi was an organization created in 1919. This means that our Alumni network is vast and spread all over the states. Who knows? Your next interviewer may be an alumni, and being a member too gives you another level of potential as a candidate.

BAP also has an entire Alumni network designed to help current members connect with alumni. Click 'Learn More' to see the official page

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